Sunday, August 4, 2013

Management Funda - N Raghuraman - 4th August 2013

N Raghuraman lists out a motivating story about a little girl and her mother, who resides in Indore against all odds. Her daughter Varsha goes to school and wants to become a pilot. One is amazed by her fluent spoken English. Varsha's Mother Munni Rathod is a mechanic by profession and repairs automobiles.

She had a tough past and is a divorcee. Her only aim in life is that her children should be well educated and get into good jobs. 

Munni's 13 Hrs grueling work hours doesn't stop her either to strike a balance between her family and her profession. She believes one day all her woes will come to an end her daughter Varsha certainly be an airline pilot.

The Funda here is that anyone in this world can change his or her fortunes in life, but what is required is self determination and a will to reach up to your goals right from the start

Source: Management Funda By N Raghuraman - DB 4th August 2013

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